Want to be atop the search engine results pages?

Ensuring that your company’s website is continually among the top listed on search engine results pages — and getting actual link clicks — requires knowing what search engines like and dislike. When you combine that know-how with a monthly search engine optimization strategy, your website is more apt to get quality inbound traffic from people who are searching for precisely what you sell.

A solid search engine optimization plan should appeal to both prospective customers and search engine spiders that crawl around the web looking for the tastiest nuggets of information. Here’s what we recommend and are happy to help you with:

  • Keyword Research & Discovery: Knowing which words and phrases your target audience is typing into a search bar is the first step. We’ll analyze the tastiest keywords for you to rank well in search engines, and recommend changes to your existing content to improve your ranking.
  • Content & Image Optimization: Once we know the best keywords, we’ll cover all the search engine spiders’ favorite spots, like headlines, internal anchor text, bulleted lists and bolding — to improve overall keyword density and increase your website’s find-ability. We’ll also suggest keyword concept tagging for your images and other graphic changes to increase page-speed delivery.
  • Title Tag Optimization: Title tags of web pages should be an accurate and concise description of the page content. One part science and another part art, title tags should comply with character count parameters, while also being detailed enough to entice both spider attention and clicks from prospective customers. We can take what we learn from the keyword research and combine it with our knowledge of the spiders’ sweet spots to provide title tag suggestions.
  • Meta Tag Description Optimization: A top page ranking doesn’t help if prospective customers don’t click on the link, making both meta page descriptions and title tags extremely important. This free advertising space should let searchers know immediately if the page contains the information they want. Considering formatting dos and don’ts, we’ll craft customer-driven descriptions to entice prospects that might not otherwise recognize your company name as a provider of the product or services they seek.
  • Link Building: Much like a positive customer review provides a vote of confidence, having other websites link to your site demonstrates authenticity and trust to the search engine spiders! When there is intense competition in your marketplace, having authoritative links from the right directories and other respected mediums is a critical element of top-scoring pages. We can analyze the best websites to establish back links, with special consideration of where your competitors are visible to your target audience.

If you have an existing website, we do recommend doing a Website Audit first. We may also suggest creation of a quick AdWords campaign to test out keyword and concept strategies.

Cheryl designed my website, which I am very pleased with. She is a pleasure to work with, always a smile. She is extremely knowledgeable about everything “Web,” and has given me invaluable strategic advice on how to generate increased traffic on my site–and not just increased traffic, but the type of traffic that I am really looking for to grow my business. I would highly recommend Cheryl.

Cecilia Buckles