Pay-per-click advertising can provide immediate feedback and results — when implemented correctly

To increase the quality of inbound website traffic, we believe in the power of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising offered through Google AdWords. Though ongoing search engine optimization efforts should eventually result in top rankings, a calculated PPC advertising campaign will usually deliver quality results and helpful feedback in a quicker fashion. Whether you’re looking to reach local, national, or international audiences, a well-targeted pay-per-click campaign can provide a terrific return on investment.

How do we know what’s best for PPC?

We follow a working Google AdWords advertising methodology that’s been validated across more than 1,000 AdWords accounts. This involves quickly identifying lost opportunities and specifying changes that will result in immediate improvements for you. To determine the best game plan, we focus on the 7 critical facets of:

  • Keyword strategy
  • Conversions
  • Click-thru rate (CTR)
  • Quality score
  • Impression share
  • Ad analysis
  • Landing page quality

Can you establish and manage my PPC program?

Absolutely! We’ll consider your sales goals, identify the most relevant keyword phrases worthy of your bids, and set it all up correctly, including an A/B ad testing approach to see which perform better and reduce future guesswork. To keep everything on track, we’ll review results and trends monthly to determine the best changes to make, broken down by the absolutely vital, the important, and the nice-to-have. Want to get started with PPC?

Could your existing PPC campaign use improvement? Consider a PPC audit.

You’re not alone. Some industry experts estimate that 80 percent of Google AdWords campaigns are losing money.  It’s no wonder because pay-per-click (sometimes also called cost-per-click) is complicated and includes options that are misunderstood by many marketing professionals, but not us!

Our PPC audit services are designed to identify why your program is losing money and what can be fixed to get you a better return on investment. Depending on your needs, we provide PPC audit services on three different levels:

  • A Level One PPC Audit shows you what immediate steps to take to get the conversion you want, at the right price. We’ll plug the big money-drain holes and suggest vital changes to save your PPC investment.
  • The Level Two PPC Audit includes the above plus further examination of keywords, clicks, click-through-rates, bidding, budgeting, geography settings, and more. This level of analysis will enhance existing programs that are becoming less effective and increasingly costly.
  • Our Level Three PPC Audit includes our most comprehensive investigation tactics and a thorough plan to best implement your PPC campaign over time. This 122-point exhaustive report reveals untapped opportunities and covers all changes that should be made to better ensure your customers find your website every time they search for a product you sell, no matter their geographic location, network source, or device in use.

Let us know if a PPC audit could be helpful to you!

My pay-per-click program has really taken off since Cheryl took charge!